Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The mother-teacher

Now many of us must have heard the term "teacher-author, where the teacher is also adapting the role of author when s/he starts reflecting and writing about his in-class experiments and practices.

Today, I am not going to talk about myself as the teacher-author but as the teacher who happened to be a mother. Although this may seem ridiculous to many as being a mother is just part of your role in life, you could be a mother, sister, daughter but also have a career where you can be a designer, an architect , singer, doctor.

It is also a world wide known fact that being a female ,especially in a developing country, who happen to have a career is undoubtedly a ruthless battle.

What brought me to reflect upon this situation is the fact that I am a teacher-mother who is also 8 month pregnant. I wish to share with all my fellow teachers/mothers/ pregnant the barrel of fun that you will not have when you are in such situation, but I also wish to share with you the how to get over all the drudgery that you are bound to meet on a daily basis.

Here we go:
a- Embrace it, because just like every phase in life it will go away.

b- Compromise , and although this may seem like you are sacrificing a piece of yourself , it is not.
c-Break it down, you have piles of work at home and at the work place, do not launch into all of it but break it down according to how your energy is on that day.
d- Celebrate it, you managed to get to one of your goals ,no matter how small, celebrate it and enjoy it.

Therefore, I will celebrate and share Some of accomplishment  that happened to me this year

-I travelled to Suez with 3 of my fellow teachers and presented in a NILE TESOL PD event.We stayed the night,first time for me, in a hotel there and we had more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

-I wrote a proposal and got accepted at ILACE 2016 conference.Also first time to get accepted!

-I showed up  on that day and presented a successful presentation at the ILACE conference. I also stood up for the whole hour talking my audience through my in-class experiments that day. I remember the full room and the anticipating faces. I also recall what one of the ladies told me after the presentation " I was only passing by with no intention to get into any of the sessions, until I saw you standing there with full belly and said to my self I must see who is that fighter!!"

- I joined the British Council bloggers and wrote a couple of articles one of which got featured!! 


- I also managed to get up and sit at my desk to type this blog, despite the fact that I feel that my mental abilities have declined a great deal. So excuse me if you feel that I am making no sense at all !!

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  1. Loved your stream of words, excited to have a companion fighter in life, although we don't know each other,but it's thrilling to know that hardships go and disappear just like smoke in the air with only one difference: a growing success everyday . Way to go 👏😘