Sunday, 17 April 2016

Find your niche- Self Marketing IATEFL 2016

An interesting session was held by Jenny Giambalvo Rode.It was titled :Self-marketing for English teachers - use your strengths for competitive advantage.

Jenny is not an English teacher but in the field of marketing.She starts off by describing teachers as one person company whose consumers are their students.Then she walks her audience through defined steps that should help the teachers to find their strength and to market it .The steps are as follows

  • Critically analyse your current situation(using this SWOT Analysis sheet

  • Take a look at the market
  • Divide your professional goal into(short,middle,long)term action.
  • Develop your business profile
  • Find your niche(define what makes you stand out from your colleagues)
  • Get online/visible ..get into social platforms
  • Explore possibilities ,expand your network
  • Evaluate your attainment.Be specific and honest with yourself.

This is the PowerPoint Presentation used by the speaker

This is the link to the video conference

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